our future™ Program

Situ Biosciences our future™ Program: Data-Driven Biodegradability Certification.

our future™ Certified Biodegradable is rooted in the product’s biodegradation test results. Our certification is based on thorough biodegradation assessments and is backed by scientific data from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory testing.

By enrolling in Situ Biosciences our future™ Program and obtaining the biodegradability certification, you demonstrate that your product meets the biodegradation requirements of standard test methods. All supporting data is directly available to your customers and the certification for biodegradation performance (Certified Biodegradable logo) is available for marketing purposes to highlight your product’s certified biodegradability.

Gain a competitive edge in the market and scientific data-driven substantiation for product claims that better comply with globally recognized biodegradable guidelines and requirements. See an example of a Certified Product information page.

Our comprehensive range of biodegradability test options covers both aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability methods for liquid and solid materials. To name a few, our list of globally recognized test standards includes determination of:

To learn more about the our future™ Program, contact info@situtest.com or 847-483-9950.