ASTM E640 is a standard preservation test method for testing performance of preservatives found in water-containing cosmetics. ASTM E640 Commonly used for personal care and cosmetic products where the use of an effective and long-lasting preservative is a key consideration in formulation development, storage, and continual use. ASTM E640 is a multi-cycle challenge test that exposes a […]

ASTM E640 – Preservation Test – Cosmetics

ASTM E645 is an antimicrobial multi-cycle challenge test that exposes a microbicide, either alone or as formulated with standard industrial water systems, to a series of common microbial contaminates. ASTM E645 testing is commonly used for microbicides as found in cooling water systems, industrial uses such as manufacturing, production a sanitization, as well as in water-based products […]

ASTM E645 – Antimicrobial Test – Cooling Water

ASTM G29 is used to evaluate the degree and durability of protection against the surface growth of algae afforded by additives incorporated in a treated product. ASTM G29 is used in aquatic environments and for materials where plastics are exposed to surface water and sun. Different sources of water like artificial ponds and pools are lined with plastic […]

ASTM G29 – Anti-algal Product Test

OECD 201 is a standard freshwater algae and cyanobacteria Growth inhibition test commonly used for aquatic toxicology testing. OECD 201 determines the effects a substance has on the growth of freshwater micro-algae or cyanobacteria through an acute aquatic plant growth toxicity test.  OECD 201 exposes exponentially growing organisms to the test substance over a 72 hour test […]

OECD 201: Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria, Growth Inhibition Test