Certified Reference Material for AATCC TM 147 – Antimicrobial Textile Test

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This product includes the world’s first Certified Reference Material (CRM) designed for use as a Test Control in performance of the standard AATCC TM 147 test method. Each unit consists of a sample set of both Treated (orange) and Untreated (beige) Test Controls, which are intended to guarantee the highest quality of antimicrobial method performance available and to verify proper ISO 17025 test performance.

CRMs are innovative reference standards developed from decades of antimicrobial testing expertise in the global market and are accredited to the ISO 17034 standard. This accreditation requires the establishment of Certified Values through ISO 17025 accredited method performance.

AATCC TM 147 is a standard, globally recognized qualitative antimicrobial test used to detect bacteriostatic activity on fabric and textile materials.

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Product Performance

Representative images of AATCC 147 Certified Reference Materials before and after test.

Treated Control (Orange) & Untreated Control (White).


Certified Values of Available Products

Certified Values for this product are derived through visually assessing the ability of bacteria to grow under the sample after incubation.

After incubation, a clear area of interrupted growth underneath and along the sides of the test material indicates antibacterial activity of the specimen (see product performance image).


Treated Test Controls

  • No growth under the sample

Untreated Test Controls

  • All streaks display continuous growth


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