ASTM D2020 is a legacy antifungal test method that provides a qualitative determination of fungal (mildew) resistance of paperboard. This antimicrobial test method is commonly used for paperboard that has been given a fungus-resistant treatment. Standard testing for ASTM D2020 runs for 14 days and tests a material’s resistance to a standard fungal inoculum. In the ASTM test method […]

ASTM D2020 – Antifungal Paper Test

ASTM D5338 is a standard biodegradation test that measures aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions. This ASTM biodegradation test method is an aerobic biodegradation test that introduces a material to a mixed bacterial and fungal environmental inoculum and uses respirometry to measure biodegradation. Standard testing for ASTM D5338 is a minimum of 90 days in an aerobic and controlled composting environment. As the test […]

ASTM D5338 – Biodegradation Test – Composting

ASTM D6400 is the standard specification for solid material biodegradation (by composting) required for labeling of plastics designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities. As a globally recognized biodegradation test standard, the ASTM D6400 is most often used for plastics and other solid materials. Although the ASTM D6400 was developed for plastics, it can also be […]

ASTM D6400 – Compostable Product Test – Composting

ASTM D6868 is a standard method that incorporates plastics and polymers as coatings or additives with paper and other substrates designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities. ASTM D6868 is designed to test materials, products, and packaging that consist a biodegradable plastic film or coating attached to a compostable substrate; the entire product is intended to be […]

ASTM D6868 – Compostable Product Test – Plastic Coatings

ISO 14855 is a standard biodegradation test method that determines ultimate aerobic biodegradability and disintegration of plastic materials under controlled composting conditions. This method predominantly measures ultimate aerobic biodegradation by the analysis of evolved carbon dioxide. Ultimate aerobic biodegradation: Microorganisms fully consume a chemical compound or organic matter by in the presence of oxygen. Produces carbon dioxide, water and mineral […]

ISO 14855 – Ultimate Biodegradation – CO2 Evolution

ISO 16929 is a standard composting method that determines the degree of disintegration of materials in a pilot-scale test under defined composting conditions. ISO 16929 is a standard composting method that determines the degree of disintegration of materials in a pilot-scale test under defined composting conditions. ISO 16929 encompasses an environment more representative of microbial populations than laboratory-scale set ups. Compost […]

ISO 16929 – Pilot Scale Composting Test

ISO 17556 is an ultimate aerobic biodegradation test method that determines the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of a material in soil by measuring oxygen demand in a respirometer or the amount of carbon dioxide evolved. This method is similar to other Compost methods; ISO 17556 is a minimum 90 day aerobic biodegradation test. Instead of measuring Theoretical Carbon […]

ISO 17556 – Ultimate Aerobic Biodegradation