ASTM D5589 – Antialgal Test

The ASTM D5589 method is an antimicrobial test intended to determine the algae resistance of paint films and related coatings.

Under certain environmental conditions such as lighting or temperature, painted or coated surfaces may be susceptible to algal defacement. This accelerated test allows to evaluate paint or coating film resistance to algae growth. The ASTM D5589 method allows for the evaluation of various coating formulations in order to assess their relative antialgal performance.

Test samples are placed on algal growth media and inoculated with the selected algae culture. Following inoculation, samples are placed in a high humidity environment with day and night light cycling. Algal growth is evaluated on weekly basis during a three-week testing period.

At Situ Biosciences, we recognize that standard tests may not always meet our customer’s specific needs. That is why we offer customized algae testing options tailored to your requirements that evaluate the ability of materials to resist the growth of selected algae on their surfaces under simulated real-world conditions.

Our experienced technical and commercial staff can assist customers with testing plans, interpreting results, and understanding product performance compared to market competitors. Testing performed by Situ Biosciences’ product test laboratory offers efficient and thorough testing to support product development, performance, and quality control.

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