Product Development

Product Development

Situ Biosciences has expertise and experience developing and formulating, testing and assisting with product registration for a variety of industries.  Our services support customers at each stage of the process to meet project requirements, costs, timelines and regulatory requirements.

To begin the development cycle, a good understanding of customer needs and wants and the nature of the market represent the top required factors for the success of a new product.  However, what really drives customer needs for a product are cost, time and quality, which must be incorporated into the product’s development cycle.

Our stage gate approach will support product planning, research, and development to make sure the product is first producible, and secondly meets budgetary requirements.  Additionally, stability and product performance testing can complete the development of a product to make sure it meets manufacturer, consumer and regulatory expectations.

Our Development cycle includes:

  1. Proof of Concept; making sure that the product has realistic characteristics and performance attributes.
  2. Idea development and testing of product formulation, composition and design.
  3. Performance testing to determine a product’s ability to perform adequately; this can be done throughout the development phase and as a finished product.
  4. As needed, support for product registration or regulatory compliance.
  5. Industry guidance for market implementation.

Situ Biosciences’ Product Development program can be useful for a variety of industries and products.

Customers request product development from industries including but not limited to, concrete, textiles, plastics, metalworking fluids, lubricants, oil, fuel, personal care and pet care products, as well as other industries that develop and sell consumer and industrial products.

Other customers utilize our product development services during product registration for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pesticide Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Compliance, European Union (EU) Ecolabels, EPA Vessel General permit (VGP), etc.

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