Quality Control Testing

Quality Control Testing provides the ability for customers to evaluate their product’s performance for consistency over time, as well as implement a quality certification program. The two main important uses for Quality Control Testing:

  • Ongoing Quality Assurance Program
  • Quality Certification Program

Quality Control Testing for ongoing quality assurance is implemented by testing random samples as production runs, or with batches establishing the baseline performance needed for analysis of a quality control program.  Once established, quality control  testing is used to manage costs and product performance related to changes in production,  formulation modification, or raw material sourcing by different suppliers or manufactures.

It is important to do quality assurance checks to prevent mistakes or defects in manufactured products and to avoid problems when delivering products to the end-consumer.

Customers have acknowledged that quality control testing boosts confidence in quality, safety, performance, and marketing claims for products, while providing competitive analysis for making informed buying decisions from formulators or suppliers.

There are many aspects to testing product quality.   Microbiologically, testing is commonly requested for products with antimicrobial additives designed to perform a specific function, such as product preservation.  But quality control testing can also encompass other product functions such as viscosity; pH, stability, color, thermal cycling etc.

Frequently, the quality control program will review many of these variables for a given product.   If changes occur, they can be quickly identified and resolved before your customers receive their next batch of product.

Customers commonly request durability testing as part of their quality control program to determine how a material will withstand its intended use environment from batch to batch, season to season.

Quality control testing is set up on a product by product basis,  and can be managed by our internal Quality Management System or in-house management system.

For more information about our Quality Control Testing, contact the lab at 847-483-9950 or info@situtest.com.