Minimum Biocidal Concentration (MBC)

bacteria streak_cut1Minimum Biocidal Concentration (MBC) testing determines the lowest antimicrobial concentration that will kill test organisms.  MBC is generally performed after Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) testing.

Customers commonly request MBC testing to evaluate formulation problems that may arise from chemical ingredients combining in a way that prevents the antimicrobial properties in the formula from performing as intended.

Results yield important information on the lowest concentration of the antimicrobial that can be used effectively, which is an important aspect of product development for antimicrobial products.

This data can help customers reduce costs and time associated with developing a product.

Additionally, reducing the amount of antimicrobial that is needed in the substance’s formulation in itself allows customers to reallocate resources efficiently and cut down on unnecessary costs.

Customers commonly request MBC testing for multiple formulation concentrations.   Testing different formulation concentrations allows for a improved comparison of what may or may not work.

Although it is not uncommon to test the highest and lowest concentrations feasible for a product, it is beneficial to test a range of concentrations to quickly determine which concentration is most effective.

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