ASTM E2722 – Antimicrobial Fabric Test

ASTM E2722 is a standard test method that uses seeded-agar for the screening assessment of antimicrobial activity in and on fabric and air filter media.

The ASTM E2722 test method was developed for providing a rapid screen of antimicrobial activity in or on fabric and air filter media. A benefit to using the ASTM E2722 is that it does not depend on a zone of inhibition to demonstrate a surface protective effect.

The standard ASTM E2722 test method is a qualitative evaluation for the presence of antibacterial and antifungal activity and can also be used to evaluate durability performance by following repeated laundering or simulated in-use conditions.

Samples are visually and microscopically measured. Testing can be performed on bacteria and fungi inoculum. Standard testing incubates samples for 48 to 72 hours; unless otherwise requested.

Commonly tested organisms include:

  • S. aureus
  • S. marcescens
  • A. niger

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