AATCC 174 – Antimicrobial Carpet Test

The AATCC 174 is an antimicrobial test method designed to determine the antimicrobial activity of new carpet materials.

This method consists of three procedures used for antibacterial, antifungal, bactericide and fungicide testing of carpet fibers and materials.

The three antimicrobial test procedures included in this method are as follows:

  • Qualitative antibacterial assessment
  • Quantitative antibacterial assessment
  • Qualitative antifungal assessment.

The Antibacterial component of this method is tested against S. aureus and K. pneumonia and the Antifungal component is tested against A. niger.

Durability data can be provided given proper cleaning and preparation for durability testing.  Generally, durability testing for carpet materials consists of testing against soiling, steam cleaning, or other cleaning cycles. This method is only used for new carpets that have not been laid down or worn, which makes it the preferred test method for new carpet material development testing.

As a product test laboratory, Situ Biosciences offers a range of antimicrobial and durability testing services to meet customer needs and to optimize product performance.

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