EPA – OCSPP 850.1075: Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Acute Toxicity Test

This OCSPP 850.1075: Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Test is intended to determine the acute toxicity of chemical substances and mixtures in aqueous conditions.

In this method, freshwater and saltwater fish are exposed to the test material in order to asses the hazards and risks of the material in an aquatic environment. This acute toxicity test can be performed in a static, static-renewal, or flow-through system.

The OCSPP 850.1075 protocol generally requires freshwater testing on cold and warm water species, such as rainbow trout and bluegill fish. As for the saltwater assessment, silversides are typically preferred.

In a 96-hour period, the fish are exposed to the test material in order to asses the test organism survival and any toxic effect on the fish from the test sample. The method protocol allows to determine the relationship between the aqueous concentration of the test material and the mortality of the fish creating a concentration-response curve. Additional information such as abnormal appearance and behavior can also help understand the toxic response.

At Situ Biosciences, acute toxicity evaluation includes range-finding, definitive, and limit testing. The range-finding assessment is generally conducted to establish the test material’s concentration to be used in the definitive test, in which the 96-hour concentration-response curve for mortality is determined. The limit test is conducted to verify the concentration-response curve is above a certain limit.

For the purpose of product registration, regulatory requirements may include testing in accordance with the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines. At Situ Biosciences, we offer both GLP or non-GLP testing.

It is strongly recommended to review regulatory requirements prior to testing with the appropriate agency to determine which tests should be performed for label claims or regulatory acceptance. 

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