ASM Vibrio 2017 Outstanding Student Poster Presentation Award Winners

The award winners for the ASM Vibrio 2017 Outstanding Student Poster Presentations are:


From left to right in picture:

Nicolas Fernandez, Michigan State University, Graduate Student

Cyclic di-GMP upregulates stress response and DNA repair pathways in Vibrio cholerae

Itai Muzhingai, Amherst College, Undergraduate Student – Not shown, award accepted by advisor Alexandra Purdy (shown)

Regulatory domains in the hybrid sensor kinase CrbS modulate direct activation of the Acetyl CoA synthase transcription in the pathogen Vibrio cholerae

Francis Santoriello, University of Colorado, Graduate Student

Excision of a type 6 Effector/immunity module by a phage like mechanism

Alanna Condren, University of Illinois-Chicago, Graduate Student

MALDI-TOF analysis of the specialized metabolism of Vibrio cholerae in axenic and in vivo systems

Hannah Gavin, Northwestern University, Graduate Student

Discrete bacterial toxin regions modulate V. vulnificus virulence potential

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