ASTM D6868 is a standard method that incorporates plastics and polymers as coatings or additives with paper and other substrates designed to be aerobically composted in municipal or industrial facilities. Situ Biosciences has currently suspended testing according to the ASTM D6868 due to complications associated with the COVID-19 mandatory quarantine. ASTM D6868 is designed to test materials, products, and […]

ASTM D6868 – Compostable Product Test – Plastic Coatings

ASTM D93 determines the flash point of a test substance by a Pensky-Martens closed-cup apparatus. Flashpoint is the lowest temperature at which an ignition source causes the vapors of the test sample to ignite under specified conditions of the test.  The flash point temperature then determines the tendency of the test specimen to form a flammable mixture with air when under these […]

ASTM D93 – Flash Point Test

OECD 301B is an aerobic biodegradation test that introduces a material to an inoculum in a closed environment and measures biodegradation of the material by CO2 evolution. OECD 301B uses respirometry to determine the biodegradability of the material by evaluating the production of CO2 over a minimum of 28 days in a liquid environment. The OECD 301B test method can […]

OECD 301B – Biodegradation Test – CO2 Evolution

OECD 301 C is a Modified MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan) aerobic biodegradation test. OECD 301C is a 28 day respirometry test that predominantly measures oxygen consumption. OECD 301C is suitable for poorly soluble materials and can be used with volatile material samples. Although similar to the other 301 biodegradability tests, OECD 301C has specific test parameters […]

OECD 301C – MITI Biodegradation Test

OECD 301D is an aerobic biodegradation test method that can be used with poorly soluble materials and is suitable for volatile and absorbing material samples. OECD 301D is a respirometry test that predominantly measures biodegradation by dissolved oxygen and testing is a minimum of 28 days. Similar to other OECD 301 biodegradation methods, OECD 301D can test for Ready, […]

OECD 301D – Biodegradation Closed Bottle Test

OECD 306 is a biodegradation test that specifically shows how a material biodegrades in seawater. OECD 306 is very similar to the OECD 301 series, however, OECD 306 requires the use of a seawater inoculum and is often used in conjunction with the OECD 301/302 Sludge Inoculum protocol.  Testing is generally run for 30 days but can last […]

OECD 306 – Biodegradation Test – Seawater