ISO 11734 – Anaerobic Biodegradation

ISO 11734 is a solution anaerobic biodegradation test that evaluates ultimate anaerobic biodegradability of organic compounds in digested sludge.

Regulatory agencies generally accept aerobic biodegradability tests to make product claims

Measurement for analysis for ISO 11734 is done by biogas production.

The ISO 11734 test method applies to organic compounds with a known carbon content and are:

  • Soluble in water, or
  • Poorly soluble in water, provided exact dosing is applicable
  • Not inhibitory to the test microorganisms at the concentration chosen for the test.

Volatile substances must be decided upon by a case by case decision.  Some can be tested if handled with special care; this would require no release of gas during the test.

It is recommended that customers check with their regulatory agency to determine which biodegradation testing is required to make product performance claims about a product’s biodegradability.

Biodegradability testing can be performed for aerobic or anaerobic biodegradability; for aerobic biodegradation, customers most commonly request OECD 301B for Ready biodegradability and OECD 302B for Inherent biodegradability.

For more information on biodegradability testing and how a material’s chemical or physical properties can affect biodegradability testing, please visit our Biodegradability Testing – Chemical Impacts page.

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