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What is aquatic toxicology testing? Aquatic toxicology testing evaluates the direct impact a substance has on living organisms in aquatic environments. This field of study includes freshwater, marine water, and sediment environments. Chronic or acute toxicity can be measured in algae, crustaceans, fish, oligochaete, daphnia and other small invertebrate aquatic organisms. These tests measure endpoints […]

Hero of Aquatic Toxicology: The Fathead Minnow

What is bioaccumulation? Bioaccumulation refers to the accumulation of substances in living organisms.  Many organisms may be exposed to toxic substances that find their way into sediment or aqueous environments. Depending on the bioaccumulation potential of these toxic chemicals, they may build up in organisms’ tissues and internal structures. This process presents serious threats to […]

Bioaccumulation: A Slow Death

Triclosan Banned from Consumer Hygiene Products Antimicrobials are chemical additives used for the preservation of products from microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi, and inhibition of cosmetic and hygiene issues created by the growth of these microorganisms.  There are many antimicrobial products registered for use in both industrial and consumer products.  Generally, their use and […]

FDA Bans Triclosan From Over-the-Counter Antibacterial Hand and Body Washes