ASTM E1259 is a standard antimicrobial test for the evaluation of antimicrobials in liquid fuels boiling below 390°C. This antimicrobial test method is used to evaluate the relative efficacy of microbicides in liquid fuels boiling below 390°C. The effect of environmental conditions such as the different types of fuel additives, metal surfaces, humidity, temperatures, and climates can be included for specific material […]

ASTM E1259 – Antimicrobial Test – Fuel

ASTM E640 is a standard preservation test method for testing performance of preservatives found in water-containing cosmetics. ASTM E640 Commonly used for personal care and cosmetic products where the use of an effective and long-lasting preservative is a key consideration in formulation development, storage, and continual use. ASTM E640 is a multi-cycle challenge test that exposes a […]

ASTM E640 – Preservation Test – Cosmetics