AATCC 135 – Home Laundering

AATCC 135 is a durability test often incorporated into antimicrobial testing in order to evaluate the ability of an antimicrobial application to withstand exposure to home laundering.

Customers may choose to include durability testing while performing common antimicrobial textile tests such as AATCC TM 100 for bacteria, AATCC TM 30 for fungi, or ISO 18184 for virus.

For materials that are expected to undergo frequent laundering, the AATCC 61 method may be suitable as well.

Utilizing both durability and antimicrobial testing through Situ Biosciences’ product test laboratory can support product development and performance testing while reducing the time and costs associated with developing and distributing quality products.

For more information on AATCC 135 and durability testing, contact our product test laboratory at  info@situtest.com or 847-483-9950.