AOAC 965.13 Disinfectants for Swimming Pools

The AOAC 965.13 test method tests the efficacy of products for disinfecting swimming pool water.

The AOAC 965.13 determines the lowest concentration of a substance that is effective as a disinfectant in swimming pools.  The test substance is exposed to organisms and the number of surviving organisms is determined at various time points. The same is done with a sodium hypochlorite control solution. The lowest concentration of the test substance that provides results that are equivalent to the sodium hypochlorite control solution is considered the lowest effective concentration for disinfection.

AOAC 965.13 tests against two organisms, E. coli and E. faecium.  Custom organisms, such as testing against algae may be requested by inquiring with the lab prior to testing.

A laboratory test and a confirmatory field test are recommended by the EPA for the efficacy of swimming pool disinfectants. The AOAC 965.13 fulfills the laboratory testing requirement.

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